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Our vast experience shows that a Church Business Directory attracts men to church.

Church Business Directory Attracts Men

From the time we started producing Church Business Directories for prominent mega churches in 2008, we’ve had a front row seat to see thousands of men raise their hands and attend church membership classes to get involved.

The Importance of Attracting Men to Church

There is a lot of research that shows getting the man of the house to attend church is an important step toward attracting the whole family. For example author Jay Dennis included “Go after the Men” in his article title 20 Church Growth Principles for Maximum Impact. Pastor Robert Morris has consistently emphasized the importance of the Gateway Church Men’s Summit at his growing mega church in the Dallas area. wrote a worthwhile article you can read here.

Pastor Don Wilson, Senior Pastor at Christ’s Church of the Valley, a large mega church in the Phoenix area is focused on men. Here is what Pastor Don said in an interview with Church Executive:

Our major growth strategy is three-fold: We want to reach the man so we can reach the whole family. Statistics overwhelmingly say that if you reach the man you will have a much greater chance of reaching the whole family. We want to reach the younger generation so we have a future.

Don Wilson


We’ve Got the Experience That Makes It Work

Our cutting edge Church Business Directory incorporates everything our Christian production team has learned by producing Church Business Directories for many prominent mega churches. You can read more about the benefits and features here.

We’ve learned that a church having a Church Business Directory actually lowers risk for a church and we manage the conflicts, if any, on behalf of the church.

church business directory attracts men

Men’s Involvement In a Church Business Directory

Data From 30,000 Church Business Directory Registrants shows that 60% of them are men.

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For More Information

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Here at Missional Marketing we are excited about helping churches reach men online. For more information please contact Jason Hamrock or Karen Fitzgerald.

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