We are a Christian advertising & marketing Agency

Our focus is helping Christian churches, ministries, schools, and businesses grow.



Established in 2007, our goal was to connect with business leaders and help transform them into missional marketers so that the Kingdom would advance in the marketplace.

That mission has not changed but our approach has. Today, we are a Christian Advertising and Marketing Agency helping churches, ministries, businesses, and Christian schools.



These days, we work with all kinds of churches in America, helping them to expand their reach deep into the community and marketplace. We do this in a variety of ways:

Business Directories. Our digital business directory is a very robust platform that is easy to use, gets great exposure, allows users to easily connect with businesses, and is significant in creating missional marketers for your church. Learn more.

Online campaigns. We have significant tools to help your church reach people way beyond your walls. We have mastered online advertising tools such as Google Display Networking, Google Pay Per Click, Facebook advertising, email campaigns, website design, Retargeting, Analytics, and more.

Church/Business Co-op. Innovative cookie sharing between a church and its
business owners that builds traffic to each other’s websites.


Regardless of size, we work with lot of unique organizations serving them with needs such as:

Advertising. Our team has mastered tools such as Google, Facebook, email, building of websites, and custom application development. Regardless of the project, we have a heart of serving and we focus using the most effective tools in the market.

Branding. Our job is to help you portray your brand clearly and across every print or digital platform.

Analytics. Using Google Analytics is a must to help you navigate your website. Without it, it’s like driving blindfolded. Anayltics has so many features to make sure you are leveraging your site and making the most of your traffic. Our certified Google Analytics team will partner with you providing directions and results.

Email Management. Email is a very effective tool to use, but mismanaged, it can be a negative toward you and your business. We manage many email platforms and help our customers make the most from their email list. If you do not have a list, we can help with that. Talk to us about how email campaigns can be a very effective tool for you.