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We optimize your Christian organizations website to be found on Google and be seen on mobile devices

Is Your Church Web Optimization Working for or against you?

Your website is easily the second most powerful advertising tool you have

(Your customer is the first)

Website design and development constantly evolves and with it comes the need to continue maintaining your website.

Have you looked at your website on a smart phone lately? If you are shaking your head in disappointment, you are not alone. More than 60% of small business web sites are not mobile responsive (mobile friendly). We can change that for you.

Why the need for a mobile-friendly web site? According to Google, 2015 marks the first time ever that mobile searches have beat out desktop searches. This trend is continuing to rise. That is why Google released a new algorithm that says if your website is not mobile-friendly, you will be penalized by their search engine. That’s not a good thing.

Three must-have’s for a solid website:

  • A mobile-friendly, professionally designed website that is well organized.
  • A clear call to action on what you expect the user to do. Call, email, visit, or buy.
  • Written and designed with SEO (search engine optimization), correct keywords, descriptions, links, and text all supporting each other

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Christmas Online Ad causes nearly 750 Decisions

At Northwoods, we have experimented with digital marketing a number of times, but we haven’t seen great success until now. We knew that we needed a partner to guide us—a partner that knows the best practices and who really understood that our ministry goals are very different than making money...

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Journey Christian Church SELLS EVERYTHING!

Is it possible to have a debt-free church? Journey Christian Church, a safe and stable congregation in Roswell, Georgia, a bustling suburb of Atlanta, would say YES! It began with a whisper, a call from on high. The message was clear and unwavering: “Sell Everything.” In February of 2016 they...

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church business directory attracts men

Church Business Directory Attracts Men

Our vast experience shows that a Church Business Directory attracts men to church. Church Business Directory Attracts Men From the time we started producing Church Business Directories for prominent mega churches in 2008, we’ve had a front row seat to see thousands of men raise their hands and attend church...

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