We help your Christian organization reach and engage your Facebook audience
through Facebook advertising, management, and reporting.

Facebook Management Services

10% off of Facebook campaign set-up

  • Facebook Page Creation
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Facebook Theme Posting
  • Facebook Image Management

Facebook is the world’s largest social media platform
and has 1.44 billion people using it. Are you?

Facebook is an astonishing advertising vehicle. It offers the most targeted features of any online
advertising platform. This highly effective online advertising tool has the ability to reach your exact target
base. Are you looking for a church Facebook advertising solution? Or does your business want a Facebook page
creation? We can help.

The power of Facebook goes deep.

  • Percentage of adults that visit Facebook at least once a month: 72%.
  • Total number of daily users: 936 million.
  • Time spent on Facebook per user per day: 21 minutes.
  • More than half of all US residents use Facebook.
  • Highly targeted ads served to exactly who you want as a customer.

So why use Facebook as an advertising option?

  • Spend as little as $100 per month and get results.
  • Facebook ads are targeted to the users’ demographic and interests, not their search result.
  • Facebook’s massive audience will include your potential customers, students, or congregation members.
  • We’ll report your spend, performance, and ROI.

Where Do I start?

As a Christian Advertising Agency, Facebook services to Christian businesses, schools, and churches are a big part of our platform. We are the Christian marketing firm of choice for a large number of prominent Christian organizations, churches, and businesses.

We offer subscription services for managing church Facebook advertising campaigns and posting quality content onto Facebook pages. We also offer one-time services for creating Facebook pages and installing like, follow, and share widgets onto your church website, Christian school website, or business website.

Facebook Page Creation

If you do not have a Facebook page, let us professionally design one for you. We will establish your account, build the images, set all the fields about your business, and begin posting. We can also change out your Facebook cover photo and profile image on a subscription basis. We will use a combination of professionally prepared images and images provided by your organization.


Facebook Advertising

We will create and manage your Facebook advertising campaign to accomplish these results:

1. Bring more people to your Facebook page or web site.
2. Create ads that are highly targeted to your exact audience.
3. Build the number of likes on your Facebook page.
4. Get more brand awareness through this social media giant.

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Facebook Theme Posting

We also have professionally designed image themes that we will brand to your organization and post them to your Facebook page. Our church-sharing theme is included free with the purchase of any of our other Facebook products. Themes for posting include the integrity theme, the leadership theme, the customer service theme, the motivation theme, and the Bible Verses on leadership theme.

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Facebook Image Management

Let us change out your Facebook cover photo and profile image on a subscription basis. We will use a combination of professionally prepared images and images provided by your organization. This will keep your page fresh, and up to date.

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We will email your Facebook analytics report to you once per month so you can see the progress that is
being made in building your social audience.

Other Facebook Services

Missional Marketing will improve an existing Facebook page. In addition we are available to install like,
follow, and share widgets on your website.

Other great points about using Facebook

  1. It gets your business in front of clients, students, or
    congregation members when they are using Facebook
  2. It gives stakeholders a chance to interact with your
    Christian organization
  3. You can geo-target advertising in Facebook
  4. You can target interests in Facebook
  5. You can use Facebook to drive traffic to your website
    (and then retarget them)
  6. Facebook boosts your organizations SEO because
    your Facebook page shows up in Google search results
  1. Facebook is an instant way to have a mobile ready
    page for your Christian organization
  2. You can add content to the page yourself whenever
    you have post worthy material
  3. You can add a call-to-action on your Facebook page
  4. It gives you a social media channel to get important
    announcements out to your customers
  5. On Facebook your user’s recommendations tend to
    take on an even more individual and personal feel